EASY FlipBook I Widget WordPress user manual


Open WordPress Dashboard and go to the "Plugins" section. Click the "Add New" button.

On next page click "Upload Plugin".

Click the "Select file" button and select archive "easy-flipbook-i-widget.zip". And click "Install Now".

After installation is complate, click "Activate Plugin".

You can see the plugin main menu "EASY FlipBook IW" on your Dashboard.

That is all for install the plugin. Now you can use all plugin functionality.

Create a EASY FlipBook I Widget book

Click "EASY FlipBook IW" on you Dashboard and click "Add New" on the main panel of the plugin to create a new "book".

In the next panel, you see the properties of the new "book": at the top the "Title" field, and below the "General" section and the "Instagram Token" field.

Please write the title and insert your Instagram Access Token. About how you can get Instagram Access Token in the next Article.

We recommend making a long-lived Token out of the token, which will be valid for up to 60 days. How to get a long-lived Token?

When click button "Update" in the right panel you will see good information message if your token is good.

After publication, the Token becomes inaccessible for viewing, this is done for security purposes.

Inserting a Book into a Post

On the Dashboard in category "EASY FlipBook IW" click the"Shortcode Generator" item.

In the panel shown, select your "book" item.

Next, you see a new text line in the upper field. Copy this text to the clipboard (select the text and press Ctrl+C).

Click the "Post" item on the Dashboard.

Click the "Add New" button to create a new Post.

Set title text of your post. And click the "Add block" button of the work panel.

In the panel shown, select "Shortcode". You can use the Search box to find this item.

Than paste your Shortcode from the clipboard into the field (just place the cursor in the field and press Ctrl+V).

And click "Publish..." on the right and at the top of the page.


To view this Post, click "View Post" in the right pane or show the page of the main URL of your site.

You can see the result of this example here.